Tenant Stories

Our tenants each have their own story to tell, but they have all relied on our help at some point in their lives. The following case studies are from people we have housed.


Amanda, 40, was in crisis when she lost her home, her relationship, and nearly her life. She was helped to transform her future with a highly personalised package of support.

AmandaShe is now studying at university and is free of the problems that drove her towards homelessness. She lived first in emergency accommodation (Elizabeth House), and then in Move On accommodation (Villa Street) before moving into a home of her own and living independently again.

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From Nottinghamshire, Phil lived and worked locally in a family run shop for many years. When his marriage broke down he began to drink and ultimately became street homeless. It was during this time that he also developed cancer. After spending a period of time living in a hostel he applied to live with Housing First (run by our Housing Management Service). He is now settled in his own tenancy and sees his son on a regular basis, which he was unable to do previously. He has fought the cancer and has also beaten his addiction to alcohol.

Not all of our tenants need to 'move on' from emergency or supported accommodation, the path of homelessness for some can take a different course... 


Dave is currently living in a Housing First property: he previously ran his own internationally acclaimed management business as well as owning a farm with his wife and their four children.

Work pressures and stress put a strain on the marriage and he went through a difficult divorce. He remarried but after a short space of time his new wife was diagnosed with a rare illness and died. After spiralling into depression, he lost his home and business - unable to cope.

A heartbeat away from living on the streets, he applied to Framework for a Housing First tenancy and has been able to rebuild his life. He now actively participates in his local residents association meetings and finds himself in a position where he can help others using his life experience as an example.

*Not their real name; Whilst happy to share their stories, these tenants wish to remain anonymous whilst still re-building their lives.