Framework owns and manages hundreds of units of accommodation across the East Midlands, each providing a temporary home to people in need of help. This page provides more information about these homes and our philosophy.

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Framework provides temporary homes to tenants - not simply beds for the night

Our philosophy

Our work is all about helping people to live independently in our communities. We do this by providing a pathway of services that enable to people to progress to that point, regardless of the challenges of their past. A decent and secure home is a fundamental part of that journey.

For that reason Framework invests only high quality accommodation. We provide temporary fully furnished homes to people who need them.

In return we expect our tenants to respect our staff, the environment around them, and their neighbours. By establishing this kind of relationship – based on mutual trust and respect – we know that we are greatly increasing the chances of successful long-term outcomes.

Types of accommodation

Framework provides several different types of accommodation. They are:

Emergency accommodation

Emergency or quick access accommodation is for people in urgent need of housing – people in crisis who have nowhere else to go. Framework currently operates six emergency accommodation centres (In Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and Lincoln) – all of which are staffed 24 hours a day.

Sherwood Street

Sherwood Street, in Mansfield, is an example of Emergency Accommodation

Supported accomodation

Supported accommodation is designed to house people who in addition to being homeless, have an additional need that requires specialist support. Usually staffed 24 hours a day, this type of accommodation provides people with a temporary home and the levels of support they require.

The Crescent Recovery Service

The Crescent Recovery Service is an example Specialist Accommodation

Move-on accommodation

Move-on accommodation is designed to house people with very low or no immediate support needs – people who are for all intents and purposes ready to live independently again. They are either people who made significant progress in other forms of Framework accommodation, or people who have come to us with few complicating issues other than homelessness. Tenants stay for a period of six months to two years. They benefit from our Intensive Housing Management Service and where it is required, and receive visits from support staff at set intervals. Move-on accommodation does not require staffing and is broadly comparable with any other residential development.