Bike Club

The Bike Club enables service users and members of the local community to get involved with bike maintenance. 

The level of involvement is down to the individual and can range from simply taking a general interest in cycling to getting an introduction to the basics of bicycle repair. 

For the more adventurous this can progress to the finer art of fault diagnosis, complex repairs and even completely rebuilding bikes from bare frames. These are then sold to members of the public. 

The Bike Club provides: 

  • Positive experiences of a structured routine
  • Improved confidence and self esteem
  • An opportunity to learn new skills
  • A route back to employment


All bike parts come from donations made by members of the local community, landlords and other local organisations such as universities.

Wherever possible donated bikes are saved, recycled and passed on to a new owner. Bikes which are past the point of saving are stripped of their parts which go onto help other bikes return to action.

Contact details

There are many ways to contact the Bike Club. You can call 0115 9709592, email, visit in person at The Workshop, Lillington Road, Bulwell, NG6 8HJ, or see