Housing Crisis Service

Nottingham, 22 Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ

About us

The Housing Crisis Servicehelps people aged 16 and over in Nottingham who are at immediate risk of becoming homeless.
Staff provide urgent housing related support for people who are:        

  • Facing eviction
  • Having problems with their landlord
  • Due in court
  • Struggling with debts and arrears.

Service users, who can self refer or be referred by others, will have an immediate risk of becoming homeless. The service can help with a wide range of issues, including support with benefits claims, help to resolve disputes, help to tackle financial problems and representation in court proceedings and legal disputes. In most cases there is something the team can do to help. We ask only that people get in touch as soon as possible if they fear they may become homeless.

011  WFP0785

What we are doing

The Housing Crisis Service prevents homelessness by offering help to people who are in crisis – people who often have nowhere else to turn.
Homelessness can happen to anybody. It could even happen to you. Financial problems, ill health, and bereavement are just some of the things that can drive people to the edge.
The associated costs of every homelessness crisis are enormous, not only to individuals but to society at large, which must pick up the pieces when things go wrong.
The Housing Crisis Service uses its expertise and experience to ensure people do not become homeless as a result of preventable, treatable problems.

Contact and referral

If you or anybody else you know needs urgent support please call our Central Access Point on 0800 055 6184 or send a text to 075280 16812.




I need support. What do I do next?

If you think the Housing Crisis service might be right for you, you can

  • Attend a drop-in session to find out more information
  • Make a self-referral to Framework’s Central Access Point
  • (CAP), or with your permission an agency can make a referral on your behalf
  • Call the service direct to talk to a crisis worker.


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