Framework in your community

We recognise we have a responsibility to be a good neighbour and to deal very firmly with incidents that affect the lives of local residents, damage the people we exist to support and harm our reputation.

We know that our responsibility doesn’t end at our front door, and work hard to build good relationships with everyone in our communities – from local residents and elected officials, to local health and police services. The following information may help you to better understand our approach.

Our rules

The people who live in our accommodation do so under strict tenancy rules. We very clearly state what is and is not acceptable, and will take action against anyone falling short of these expectations. An example tenancy agreement can be viewed here.

Antisocial Behaviour

We do not tolerate antisocial behaviour and will take enforcement action against residents found to be in breach of their tenancy agreements. Anyone concerned about the behaviour of our residents or their guests can report their concerns here. We will respond within one working day.