Sleeping Out for the Seventh Year!

23 Nov 2018

“I started fundraising for Framework 7 years ago. I was working on a project for the Red Cross and homelessness in displaced persons and refugees was a large aspect of the project. As I learnt more about homelessness I started to become interested in how on earth this 'first world ' country has so many homeless citizens.

"I looked around at what I could do then a friend suggested we all do The Big Sleep Out for Framework. That was 2011 and it was such a meaningful and eye-opening experience I've done it ever since with my own children to help raise awareness and funds. Every year the children fundraise at school and our friends and family support us.

"My children and I have learnt so much through the years. You will get so much out of the Big Sleep Out...You quickly realise how difficult life must be for people sleeping rough. After one night you are so affected, you can't help but develop a keen sense of empathy with those that sleep out EVERY night. It's cold and wet of course, but also, it's SO loud and at times scary.

"You wake up (if you slept at all) tired, achy, cold and so looking forward to bed and a warm home and it hits you like a ton of bricks... these people you're trying to help get up each day tired, cold, hungry, low, wet... just to do it all again - and that's if they don't get hurt or injured before bedtime. They run a most awful gauntlet every day... 

"It just shouldn't happen.”

You can sponsor Laura and her family here

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