Why I'm taking part in The Big Sleep Out

25 Oct 2018
by Laura Boam

I have worked for The Nottingham for four years now and think our partnership with Framework is fantastic.

There aren’t many employers out there that have the opportunity to get involved in fundraising and supporting such a great cause.

I decided to sleep out after hearing about some of my colleagues that had done it last year and sounded like a lot of fun.

Participants at our Big Sleepout event

Fundraisers bedding down at The Big Sleep Out

I know it will be cold and I probably won’t get any sleep however it will be nothing compared to what homeless people go through each day on the street, no matter what the weather. I am going to go for layers and have started planning my shelter too.

I walk through the city centre regularly on the way to and from work and it always saddens me that there are so many homeless people and people begging in Nottingham.

My day job is reviewing mortgage applications and moving house is such an exciting time of life but something that we often take for granted.  I am really looking forward to being able to raise awareness of this cause as I feel it is so important.

I am already underway with my fundraising and hope that my friends and family will be incredibly generous!

To sign up to The Big Sleep Out click here!

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