Framework and Nottingham Forest – building better futures together

03 Aug 2018
by Michael Leng

Nottingham Forest Football Club is a very big deal – known to millions of people around the world and a central part of so many local lives.

To paraphrase the late, great Brian Clough it is certainly “in the top one” of the most important organisations in the region.

Michael LengSo we are absolutely delighted that the club’s new owners have decided to make Framework their official charity partner for the 2018/19 season. It is without doubt the biggest single opportunity we have ever had to raise awareness of our work and funds to support it.

Framework exists to help people in need – people affected by homelessness and long-term unemployment, drug and alcohol dependencies and mental ill-health.

Regardless of their past, or the challenges they face, we empower people to achieve better, more independent futures. But we cannot and do not do that alone.

Instead we rely on the support of the communities we serve – from members of the public to local authorities, businesses and community groups.

What I love about this initiative is that it recognises the vital role that Nottingham Forest plays in the local community and the unique opportunity it has to lead from the front in tackling serious social issues.

It’s a recognition that football clubs at their best should be about far more than their place in the league table – that their achievements off the pitch can matter just as much as their achievements on it. 

So many times in recent years people have had cause to find fault with our national game; to question spiralling transfer fees and the actions of a minority of people involved in it.

But our local clubs remain a constant in our lives, with a unique voice and a unique place in the hearts of so many local people.

This pioneering initiative is a great credit to the club’s owner Mr Marinakis and is something of which the supporters, I’m sure, will be proud.

I extend the heartfelt thanks of everyone at Framework to Mr Marinakis and to everyone else at the Club who has helped us reach this point. We look forward to working with the whole Nottingham Forest family in the months ahead.

Michael Leng, Operations Director, Framework

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