'We all have mental health - let's talk about it'

10 Oct 2016
by Anna Hazell

We all have mental health. We might not spend much time thinking or worrying about it, but we’ve all experience it and we should be mindful of it. 

In much the same way as we experience ups and downs in our physical health, we can also face ups and downs in our mental health. This comparison stands to reason, but, all too often, people treat their mental and physical health in completely different ways. 


We're posing questions like these throughout Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks

Most people wouldn’t, for example, ignore a persistent ache or pain; they would make an appointment to see their doctor. We know, however, that people are far less likely to seek help and advice when is their thoughts and their feelings that are having an adverse effect on their lives. 

That’s a problem because all health conditions – mental or physical – get worse and harder to treat without early intervention.  This truth is at the heart of the Wellness in Mind service, which has been set up to help people in Nottingham to find the right treatment and support for challenges they may experience in their mental health. 


An introduction to Wellness in Mind

Since we launched in April this year we have worked with more than 300 people. That’s a good start but we know there are so many people out there who aren’t getting the help they need because they see their mental health as being so different to their physical health. Perhaps the biggest issue they face is stigma – how they and others around them view the issue of mental health. 

Despite the best efforts of many national campaigns, stigma is still a very real issue, even though we know that anybody has the potential to experience mental health challenges. These can be viewed on a spectrum and we can all move alone this at difficult times. 

Mental health issues may often be hidden but they are certainly not unusual. Anyone can experience problems with their mental health.  At Wellness in Mind we want to create a culture where seeking information, advice and support for mental health is treated in the same way as for physical health. That’s certainly a grand ambition but it starts with one realisation: that we all have mental health and we should all be aware of it. 

So, in as Nottingham Mental Health Awareness Weeks gets underway, we ask: how’s your mental health? 

If you want advice on your mental health or the mental health of somebody else we’re here to talk to you in confidence over the phone, in person, or on-line. See www.wellnessinmind.org

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