My rainbow-sprinkled experience

15 Jun 2016
by Victoria Harrison

Having as much experience of running as an arctic fox has of the Costa-Del-Sol, I was curious and encouraged by my not-so-svelte physique to try and get into jogging. Running to me was a concept. Conceptually it was great, gliding gazelle-like across a mixture of terrains, finding your ‘stride’ and switching motivational playlists with other energetic, limber people.

In reality training was nostalgic of my school days and consisted of me; a slow, asthmatic and vertically challenged beetroot-coloured entity huffing and puffing on a route at approximately 0.01 mph. Things needed to change.

I needed something to aim for. A race to give me an achievable starting point in my running career and that would be a fun challenge too. The Runga Run ticked both of these boxes. As a 5K race it is the perfect distance for the novice runner, plus the image of running through fountains of colour was just something I had to try.    

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The day of the race was perfect conditions, bright and breezy in grounds of the stunning Kelham Hall – if you haven’t visited then it’s worth signing up for a glimpse of the venue. I met two friends that I’d easily persuaded to join me which wasn’t a difficult task due to the promise of a unusual and fun-filled Saturday morning.

We registered quickly and gleefully picked our colour powder of choice along with a complimentary white t-shirt and running number to complete the outfit. Then we walked out onto the warm-up field where gatherings of all kinds of people; younger, older, families, volunteers, spectators and holiday campers were surrounded by a beautiful haze of multi-coloured dust.

It was great fun to shower ourselves in our rainbow camouflage and the mood was high with excited people waiting to start. Music kick-started a relaxed warm-up by an extremely fit young man which got everyone raring to go. In no time at all the runners were called to the starting line.

With a bang we were off! A stream of brightly coloured people of all shapes and sizes weaved through the starting arch and onto the beautiful grounds surrounding the hall. It was terrific fun with fountains of vibrant powder raining down on you around every corner and enthusiastic teams of volunteers shouting encouragement.

I did the race at my own pace and had a brilliant time. Crossing the finishing-line was a great feeling and I was awarded a medal, the first I’ve achieved in adult life. We were even given a foil blanket on the way home to keep the powder under wraps on the journey home.

Will I be returning for Runga Run 2016? You bet I will.

You can sign up now by clicking here.

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