Wellness in Mind – early intervention for mental health

20 May 2016
by Taz Foster

Getting help for physical health problems is relatively easy. Most people will have done it before and will know what to expect from GP’s surgeries and hospitals.

But getting help for our mental health can be many times more challenging. It can be confusing and even quite daunting to identify that we need help and know where to find that help. That makes early intervention very difficult, and increases the likelihood of people developing more complex and damaging problems further down the line.

That’s why we have been asked to launch Wellness in Mind – a new service connecting people in Nottingham to better mental health. This new service, launched today, will make it quicker, easier and less daunting for people to get the help and advice that is right for them.

We know that there are many thousands of people in the city who are not getting the help they need with mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety.* In much the same way as it is for physical health, early intervention, diagnosis and action is crucial for people experiencing these issues.

But we know also that getting the right support can be challenging, and that plenty of barriers exist that stop people getting the help they need. Some people may not realise that the thoughts and feelings they are struggling with have anything to do with mental health. Others who accept they have issues may be unsure of where to seek help or may be unwilling to do so. They may for example be worried about visiting their GP, or put off by the sense of stigma that, sadly, still surrounds this issue.

Wellness in Mind is there to remove as many of these barriers as possible – to give people a central point of advice, guidance and support that can be accessed in a way that suits them. It is essentially a front-door to what can be quite a daunting network of individual services, support groups and information.

For some people, walking through this door will be the start of a long journey with us; others may receive all the help they need without venturing further than our website. The point is that we are geared up to support anyone who comes to us for help.”

I am really excited about this new project and thrilled that Framework has been chosen to run it.

Taz Foster is Service Manager for Wellness in Mind. 

For more information about the service please visit www.wellnessinmind.org

*Research suggests that there are some 51,000 affected by mental ill-health in Nottingham at any one time, of whom 41,000 will have common mental health problems such as depression or anxiety; about 7,000 will have post-traumatic stress disorder and 3,000 people will have severe mental health problems such as psychosis or personality disorders.

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