Changing lives through employment

14 Nov 2014
by Neil Skinner

On December 2nd Framework will be hosting its third annual Impact Briefing, which will this year focus on how we help people into employment.

It’s a chance for us to talk some more about an area of our work which has developed greatly in recent years. Indeed, we now offer these services to people from all over the communities we serve – not just those who have already benefited from other Framework services. Impact Briefing Poster

The key principle running through all of this work is a simple and passionate belief that stable and fulfilling employment - the dignity of paid employment – is the best way to tackle long-term social exclusion.

In recent years we’ve developed a pathway of services to take people through a journey of employment, volunteering, and, eventually, employment. Many different services and initiatives make up this pathway, and it is these were are keen to discuss at Nottingham’s Albert Hall on the day.

On man who epitomises this approach is Simon (pictured at work above). His story is as remarkable as it is inspiring. It also demonstrates the importance of our volunteering programme in helping people into employment, and the potential of the Work Programme.

By taking up volunteering placements (organised by Framework or with one of our social enterprises) people like Simon are able to rediscover their confidence, learn new skills and ease themselves back into a regular routine.

In Simon’s case this worked perfectly. Indeed, his is perfect example of what can be achieved. Simon, who lost his home, his relationship and very nearly his life in quick succession, used Framework’s volunteering programme to totally rebuild his life.

The former bricklayer was sleeping rough before being referred to Framework and moving into our emergency accommodation in Workshop. When he was back on his feet again he was referred by his Job Centre to the Work Programme …and later to Framework.

He explained: “…I got involved with volunteering at the Framework Job Club, which helps people find and apply for jobs. I really enjoyed my time there because I had the chance to do something good and help other people – some of them with
similar problems to me. The whole experience was good for me because it helped me to feel a lot more confident in myself again and it got me out and about. The impact it had on me as a person was huge.”

Simon ended up running the Job Club before applying for and getting a job at our Barista social enterprise coffee shop in Worksop Library – a social enterprise set up by Framework and now operated by the EVE Trades Community Interest Company.  

He added: “Framework have done so much for me. They gave me a home. They got me into volunteering and even offered me training. Considering where I was I am now a completely different person. If it was not for Framework that just would not have happened.”

*To learn more about how we help vulnerable people into employment please click here to learn more about our 2014 Impact Briefing – Making Work Work, and to book a place.

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